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Somali Lifeline organization (SOLO) has experienced and professional staffs who undertake the day-to-day running of the organization. The team has participated in several organizational capacity building trainings supported by our strategic donors and partners among other stakeholders‟ workshops and conferences.

The organization management structure is designed to stimulate flexibility and autonomy on the part of its staff. It creates space of intellectual creativity and innovation; and provides encouragement to staff members and other partners to adopt desirable working conditions. It is also designed to ensure maximum accountability and high quality output.

The Board of Directors is the key organ of the organization and facilitates overall leading responsibilities and provision of necessary advice to the personnel. The Executive Director is assigned by an authorized management group called Board of Directors, which has the competence on decision making of the organization.

All managerial tasks such as decision-making, organizing, staffing, supervision & employment are being rendered by Board of Directors. The Board of Directors as the highest body of the organization sets the policies of the organization. The Board of Directors (BoDs) of SOLO is composed of: The chairman; Secretary; Treasurer and four Members.

Besides; SOLO has Operational Management Team (OMT) who include the Executive Director, Programme and Operational Manager; Finance Manager; Organizational Development and Compliance manager, M&E Manager; as well as Admin/HR Manager for effective and efficient running of operations, the organization has developed proper management practices; systems and policies.

The organization has (30) employees of different state with educational and proficiency back ground. The employees include technical managers, field
officers and assistants, community organizers, drivers, and security guards.

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